The best activities to do in winter in Catalonia

The best activities to do in winter in Catalonia.

In Catalonia we have a very diverse landscape, and this means that we have a multitude of activities to do from the Pyrenees to the Costa Brava passing through the interior. Here we present some of the best activities to do in winter in Catalonia.

Via Ferrata

Via ferratas are very dynamic activities where we are in constant motion, this means that the cold does not affect us to carry out the activity. Here is an example of ferrata routes to do in winter:

Roca Narieda Via Ferrata, Alt Urgell

Winter Canyoning

The winter canyons that we present here are a very good option to enjoy during the coldest season of any year.

Hot Springs Canyon
  • The Hot Springs Canyon, is a unique canyon in Europe of these characteristics, its waters at some point come out at a temperature of 60º.
  • The dry canyons we do are located on the South Face of Montserrat. There are several dry canyons in the Montserrat area, the most famous being Joc de l'Oca and Tres en Ratlla.


Snowshoe excursions are recommended activities for all audiences, from the oldest to the youngest. We have easy trips like walking in the snow, building an igloo, walks under the light of the Full Moon or we also have more demanding trips like hiking a snowy peak or trips of several days sleeping in shelters or even sleeping in tents.


Easy snowshoe hikes

Snowshoe trips to snowy peaks

Snowshoes in Vallter 2000

Excursions with snowshoes of several days

Guies Ama Dablam


In Catalonia we have many climbing areas ideal for winter. Most of the climbing walls in Catalonia face south and therefore, the sun touches them all day long, meaning that in the middle of winter, you can be climbing perfectly in short sleeves!

curs iniciació escalada esportiva

We have different climbing options:

  • Rock climbing experience, in order to enjoy a first climbing experience.
  • Multipitch rock climbing, ideal for people who already climb and want to live the experience of climbing a needle in Montserrat or climb to reaching the top of Pedraforca...
  • Rock climbing course
  • Ridges: if you want to experience the world of ridges, we also have several proposals that may interest you.


Hiking is a highly recommended activity for the less hot time of the year. In our country we have many areas where you can practice hiking with many different types of landscapes and vegetation. Some examples of diversity of outputs could be these:

Routes for the garrotxa
  • Excursions to La Garrotxa, where there is low and mid-mountain with some of the most beautiful vegetation in Catalonia.
  • Excursions to the Costa Brava, we will find a very different landscape to the other excursions we can do in Catalonia with 100% Mediterranean vegetation.
  • Excursions in Montserrat, in this peculiar area, we find a maze of paths where if you don't have a good orientation, you can get lost inside. It really is a magical mountain!
  • Excursions through the Collsacabra, straddling Osona, la Selva and la Garrotxa, we find this plateau of cliffs and waterfalls where you can enjoy leisurely hiking.

Orienteering Circuit

We organize orienteering courses in the Vall d'en Bas, it is a very beautiful area and perfect for this type of activity. Ideal for families, school groups and also for company activities.

Do you want us to accompany you in any of these activities? Do you have another activity in mind? Do not hesitate, we will take you there!! Contact us!

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