Sustainable and Responsible Company

  • Respect for the environment
  • Sustainable and responsible tourism
  • Work in collaboration with other companies

These are fundamental aspects which are part of our company.

Therefore, during the first quarter of 2019 Guies Ama Dablam has been accredited with the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST). Becoming the first canyoning company in Catalonia to obtain the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.

ECST is an initiative of the EUROPARC Foundation. The Charter is the commitment between managers of protected areas and participating tourism companies to carry out tourism in harmony with the sustainable management of the natural resources of the protected natural areas of Europe.

ECST is much more than a quality mark, it is a working method and a planning tool. It is an European brand of excellence in sustainable touristic development, which Guies Ama Dablam is proudly part of.

Guies Ama Dablam gets dressed with clothing from VAUDE SPAIN SL, which is part of the German group VAUDE SPORT , a company that seeks the most respectful solutions in order to preserve the environment as much as possible. 98% of its collection certifies that the product is fully ecological and sustainable according to the strict standards of the international environment-protecting BLUESIGN label.

To clean and disinfect canyoning wetsuits, we use a 100% biodegradable product (Wetsuit Care). This product provides a complete disinfection of the wetsuit, eliminating bacteria and preventing its transmission from one river to another. Moreover, it removes bad smells and preserves the elasticity of wetsuits.

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