General conditions of contracted services

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Guies Ama Dablam formed by Esteve Carbonés Masramon and Raquel Prat Oriol have legal insurances according to the Spanish law for the contracted services at your disposal. We have contracted a civil liability policy and assistance and accident insurance that covers all clients who hire our activities.

Fulfilment of the activities is conditioned by the environment in which they are carried out (weather, changes in river flow, wind direction, etc.).

The company may cancel the activity, even at the starting time, if weather conditions are not suitable for its execution. In such case, a new date for the activity will be suggested. If a new date is not found, the total amount will be refunded.

When starting the activity, the instructors will offer the participants a briefing. This includes all the details about the route, correct use of the equipment, safety instructions, environment protection and any other details that must be known before starting the activity.

The company will not take responsibility for customers’ personal belongings, so it will not handle any claims in this regard.
Guies Ama Dablam will not handle claims regarding number, quality and pictures characteristics if, by some reason, they are lost. The guides work for the safety of the group and the correct fulfilment of the activity. Under no circumstances are they professional photographers.

Specific terms of contracted services

The customer voluntarily decided to fulfil the contracted service.

The customer agrees to accept the decisions of the guide and follow his/her instructions all the time to ensure the safety and fluency of the activity.

The customer takes responsibility for any actions not performed according to the instructions and commands of the guide.

Before booking the activity, the customer must inform the company about the possibility of pregnancy, physical disabilities or cardiovascular diseases as well as the use of any medication that might affect his/her ability to react.

If the customer does not meet the necessary minimum physical and technical conditions or does not bring the required equipment, his/her participation in the activity can be denied, or the activity’s schedule can be changed or delayed.

In case of wearing dentures, glasses, contact lenses, or others, the customer assumes the risk of damage caused by the normal fulfilment of the contracted service.

Without any right to claim, the guide might can prevent the participation of any person suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose condition is thought to be a possible danger for himself/herself or other participants.

The minors must be accompanied by an adult, legal guardian, teacher or supervisor who is responsible for them. If not, the legal guardian must sign a specific authorization.

In the activity of canyoning, the customer declares to be able to swim and accepts responsibility for executing jumps, being these always optional and never obligatory.

Conditions and processing of customer data

Data provided to Esteve Carbonés Masramon and Raquel Prat Oriol will be added to their own database in order to carry out invoicing, send the pictures of the activities and send a customer satisfaction survey. If the customer agrees, an informative newsletter about next activities, offers and promotions will be sent in addition. Data incorporation to the database is done according to the legitimation of the parties concerned, who previously gave their consent. Data will be stored as long as necessary to fulfil the legal obligations and attend to the possible responsibilities resulting from the compliance of the objectives for which the data was collected. Esteve Carbonés Masramon and Raquel Prat Oriol will not provide the data to third parties, with the exception of legal duties. Amongst others, the interested party has the right to access, rectify and eliminate the data by sending an email with name, surname, ID number, activity and date of the activity to If the interested party is not fully satisfied with the exercises and rights, is allowed to address a claim to the national authority for control, the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, located in Jorge Juan Street, 6 – 28001 Madrid.


To make the reservation the 30% of the total cost of the activity must be paid in advance.

Payment can be made by bank transfer to the following account number:

ES39 - 2100 - 8208 - 46 – 0200048294

Transfer concept: Name + day of the activity

Cancellation conditions

If the customer cancels a reservation previously contracted, the customer will lose:

  1. 50% of the paid amount if it is done between 15 days and 1 week before the activity starting date.
  2. 100% of the paid amount if it is done less than 1 week before the activity starting date.

If the customer does not participate in the activity at the activity starting or does not come without previous notice, the customer must pay the total cost of the activity.

In case of cancellation of the activity by force majeure, such as weather, the company will arrange a new date for its fulfilment. In case a new date is not agreed upon, the total paid amount will be refunded.

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