Snowshoes were born between 4000 and 6000 years ago, their elongated and wide shape provided great buoyancy on the snow and they were used to move and hunt without sinking.

The current snowshoes, although they have a resemblance to the older ones and have the same objective (to float on the snow), they are not as great thanks to today's materials. This makes them more manageable and thus be able to enjoy the adventure more.

At Guies Ama Dablam we have prepared several options to have a good time and for everyone to enjoy the winter mountains, from an initiation walk to those who want to do a peak in the Pyrenees or who wants to make a crossing.

Our qualified guides will take you safely and always trying to go through little crowded areas, to be able to enjoy the adventure and nature to the fullest.

Options to choose depending on the mountain conditions:

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