Snowshoes Vallter

Snowshoes in Vallter 2000!

Snowshoes are ideal for being able to walk on snow and not sink because of our weight. Thanks to their racket shape they provide us with buoyancy. That is why, in winter, the best way to do a walking route in the Pyrenees is with Snowshoes.

Close to Barcelona and Girona, we have the Vallter 2000 area, an ideal place to start and to make intermediate and advanced excursions as well. Vallter is located in the Capçaleres del Ter i Freser Natural Park in the Ripollès region.

Snowshoeing Discovery excursions are ideal for a first contact, for all types of people, with incredible high mountain snowy landscapes.

We propose the Snowshoes Discover, a 3 hour excursion where we will enjoy nature, the landscape, the snow and the fresh air. Pi negre forests, steep mountains, snowy rivers, .. an excursion with snowshoes simple but very beautiful!

For the little ones, we suggest Snowshoes and Igloo Construction, where we will make a small snowshoes excursion to the place where we can build the igloo. Both the older ones (it can be a perfect emergency shelter in case of bad weather in the winter mountain) and the younger ones, will enjoy building it!

And for the most intrepid, we propose the departure of Snowshoes with Full Moon, a night experience that will not leave you indifferent!

The ideal time to go on excursions is from December to April, always depending on the state of the snow and the weather conditions.

So, if you want to discover the Pyrenees in winter with Snowshoes, don't hesitate !! in the Vallter area we have several possibilities for all tastes, levels and ages! Come and discover the Snowshoes at Vallter 2000!

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Snowshoes in Vallter 2000
Snowshoes in Vallter 2000
Snowshoes in Vallter 2000

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