The best vias ferratas in Catalonia

The best via ferratas in Catalonia. In Catalonia we have many via ferratas and some very beautiful ones. The best via ferratas in Catalonia near Barcelona, according to our criteria, would be:

Cala del Molí Via Ferrata

One of the most emblematic via ferratas in Catalonia. The Via Ferrada de la Cala del Molí, in Sant Feliu de Guíxols (Baix Empordà), walk along the orange walls of Cala del Molí in front of transparent waters with various shades of turquoise. It is a special via ferrata due to the environment in which it is located, in the heart of the Costa Brava. Indispensable.
cala del moli via ferrata

Baumes Corcades Via Ferrata

The classic among the classics. The Baumes Corcades via ferrata in Centelles (Osona) has become an essential classic in Catalonia. Famous for its long Nepalese bridge of 69m that leaves no one indifferent, it is a very complete via ferrata as we will enjoy vertical sections, long flanking between the gnarled baumes (the point that gives the via ferrata its name), parts completely collapsed where we will test our strength and the famous Nepalese bridge.

Roca de la Creu Via Ferrata

The Roca de la Creu via ferrata in Ribes de Freser (Ripollès) is one of the best beginner via ferratas in Catalonia. Ideal for a first contact is an excellent via ferrata with privileged views over the Vall de Ribes, in the middle of the Eastern Pyrenees.

Roques d'Empalomar + Cal Curt Via Ferrata

The via ferrata de les Roques d'Empalomar in Vallcebre (Berguedà) is a beautiful vertical via ferrata in a very quiet environment in Berguedà. Combined with the nearby and difficult via ferrata Cal Curt, it is a totally recommended activity for all those who have already done several via ferratas and want to test themselves on a more difficult via ferrata.
Cal Curt Via Ferrata

Serra de les Canals Via Ferrata

The via ferrata of the Serra de les Canals in Oliana (Alt Urgell) is a beautiful and vertical via ferrata that goes along the central wall lock of the summit of the Serra de les Canals. Ideal for lovers of heights as it is completely vertical, making the feeling of height present especially in the second half of the via ferrata.
Serra de les Canals Via Ferrata

Cast Urquiza Olmo Via Ferrata

The via ferrata Cast Urquiza Olmo in Corçà (Noguera), is a via ferrata that does not leave anyone indifferent. Above the Canelles marsh, a famous marsh that leads to the Montrebei Gorge, rises the rock of the Ermita de la Pertusa, a perfect viewpoint on the marsh and the walls of Montrebei. The via ferrata starts well in the swamp and we will immediately gain height in the middle of totally athletic steps that will test our strength and endurance. Advanced level via ferrata, suitable for those who have done it before and want to push hard! also, for those who want a quiet and beautiful via ferrata, next door, we find the easy via ferrata Teletubbies.
Cast Urquiza Olmo Via Ferrata

Roca Narieda Via Ferrata

The via ferrata Roca Narieda in Fígols (Alt Urgell), is a long via ferrata at an intermediate level that stands out for its famous spiral staircase that leaves no one indifferent!
Roca Narieda Via Ferrata, Alt Urgell

Cagate Lorito Via Ferrata

The Cagate Lorito via ferrata in Sant Llorenç de Montgai (Noguera). the via ferrata of the via ferratas or perhaps we should say, of the extreme high adventure parks. A totally different concept. Very advanced level. For lovers of height, adrenaline, strength and endurance. in short, if you have already done via ferratas of k5 - k6 and want to test yourself, this is the one for you.
Cagate Lorito Via Ferrata

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