The best canyoning spots in Catalonia

Discover which are the best canyoning spots in Catalonia. In Catalonia we are lucky to have many canyoning spots, of different types. Each canyon will be special for one thing or another, but there are some that stand out for their number of jumps and slides, for their vertical and aerial abseilings, for the formations of the ravine or the color that is perceived from the water by the type of rock, or for example, by the environment in which they are found.

Harder does not mean prettier, and there are initiation canyoning spots that are beautiful.

The rock that forms the gorge: limestone, granite, conglomerate, sandstone, ... provides different characteristics to the ravine. The environment also plays an important role; forests or large cliffs, chaos of blocks, ....

The best canyoning spots in Catalonia by us, are:
  • Núria Canyon, in Queralbs (Ripollès). The hardest canyoning spot in Catalonia, the funniest. This canyon is divided into two sections. The first, a non-stop slide, jumps, shuttle slide ... and always very swallowed. The second section, more open, a series of abseils and jumps will take us to the abseil or shuttle slide, the "slide of death". Highly recommended. Ideal for summer.
  • Sant Aniol Canyon, in Sadernes (Garrotxa). A beautiful canyon in such a nice environment as Alta Garrotxa. Only suitable for hiking lovers as, we will walk 2 and a half hours to get there and 1 hour and a half to return. The walk is across cliffs, valleys, steep, ... Alta Garrotxa in its purest state. The ravine starts with a gorgeous part and then, it opens suddenly in a spectacular 40m abseil with large cliffs in front. Turquoise waters and beautiful formations, long abseils and many jumps. Ideal for spring and early summer.
  • Canals or Comelles Canyon, in Sadernes (Garrotxa). Similar to Sant Aniol but with shorter abseils. Except for one big difference ... finding it with water is not easy. Heavy rainy periods are needed. You must also be a hiking lover, the approach and return are like that of his "brother". But in another direction ... it will seem to us that we are half lost in the middle of Alta Garrotxa .. but will be not. The path we will take used to be the busy path of the inhabitants of Alta Garrotxa in the area of ​​Bassegoda, Ribelles, Hostal de la Muga ... To go to Tortellà Market (the nearest market there was) , this was the fastest and most direct way, and we will do it in the approach. It took 6 - 7 hours from the Hostal de la Muga to reach the market !!!! and they went there every week .... It seems impossible that this happened about only 40 years ago ... So, an essential canyon when it carries water. Ideal for spring in periods of continuous rain.
  • Infern Canyon, Sort (Pallars Sobirà). The best canyoning of Pallars. It is characterized by its cave, where we will enter a spectacular 20m abseil. Formations, turquoise waters, ... a canyon that cannot be missed. Ideal for spring - summer.
  • Bòixols Canyon, Bòixols (Pallars Jussà). Beautiful gorge, where we will find several jumps and abseils up to 15m. An ideal canyon for beginners but not less interesting. In a quiet and beautiful environment between Alt Urgell and Pallars Jussà. Ideal for summer.
  • Viu de Llevata Canyon, Viu de Llevata (Alta Ribagorça). A ravine with beautiful formations, turquoise water color and several jumps. A beautiful and easy canyon in a quiet and relaxed environment such as the small village of Viu de Llevata. Driest periods should be avoided. Ideal for spring and early summer.

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