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Rock Climbing Guiding on the Costa Brava

Rock climbing Guide for climbing on the Costa Brava. On the Costa Brava we have different multipitch climbing routes to...
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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Activity for School Groups and Educational Centers. Rock climbing is an ideal activity to engage with schools for...
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Corporate Hiking Trails with Guies Ama Dablam. We create outdoor experiences, exploring areas such as Garrotxa, Ripollès, Collsacabra, Montserrat, Costa...
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Orienteering Race

The orienteering race for schools or orienteering circuit is a fun and sportive activity but at the same time, an...
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Via Ferrata

Via ferrata are a good activity for school groups, activity for schools. Via ferratas are a good activity for schools...
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Adventure Trek, Garrotxa

Adventure trekking is an activity between climbing, a ridge, hiking and abseiling. It is a good activity to start us...
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