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Rock Climbing Guiding on the Costa Brava

Rock climbing Guide for climbing on the Costa Brava. On the Costa Brava we have different multipitch climbing routes to...
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Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing Activity for School Groups and Educational Centers. Rock climbing is an ideal activity to engage with schools for...
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Climbing in Pedraforca

Pedraforca is one of the most mythical mountains we have in Catalonia, and with its 2506 meters high, it stands...
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Climbing guide in Montserrat

Montserrat is one of the most emblematic areas of Catalonia for climbing, its formations and the multiple spiers to climb...
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Rock Climbing Tour

In this rock climbing tour, we propose a trip of several days to discover the best rock climbing areas in...
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Rock climbing experience

Climbing experience is an activity aimed at all those people who want to have a first contact with the rock....
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