Discover the Natural Parks of Catalonia

Essential destinations for hiking and nature.

Gra de Fajol Crest
  • Montseny Natural Park: The green lung of Catalonia, Montseny offers lush forests, diverse flora and fauna, and panoramic views. Perfect for outdoor activities, it is a natural gem near Barcelona.
  • Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park: A surreal landscape with more than 40 inactive volcanoes, Garrotxa will captivate you with its volcanic terrain. Ideal for hiking and nature observation.
Routes through Garrotxa
  • Cap de Creus Natural Park: Discover the rocky and untamed coast of Cap de Creus, where the Pyrenees meet the sea. Adventure along cliffs, hidden coves and unforgettable seascapes.
Cap de Creus
  • Cadí-Moixeró Natural Park: With majestic peaks and valleys, Cadí-Moixeró is perfect for mountaineering and hiking. Enjoy panoramic views and discover the high mountain flora and fauna.
Parc Natural del Cadí
  • Montserrat Natural Park: Montserrat, with its impressive rock formations, is a sacred and natural site. Climb its spiers or walk the trails to connect with this Catalan icon.
Cimbing in Montserrat
  • Alt Pirineu Natural Park: At the highest end of the Pyrenees, this park offers alpine landscapes, glacial lakes and biological diversity. Perfect for climbing, skiing and nature watching.
Raquetes de Neu Parc Nacional Aigüestortes i Sant Maurici
Raquetes de neu

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Essential destinations for hiking and nature.

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