Canyoning near Barcelona

Discover canyoning near Barcelona and yes, in 1 hour or 1 hour and a half we have many canyons that will do us a lot enjoy and for all levels!

Canyoning 1 hour - 1 hour and a half from Barcelona:

Gurn Canyon, Vall d'en Bas (Garrotxa). Nice canyon of initiation for all those looking for a first contact. Also suitable for children from 7 years. We will find abseiling, jumps, slides, siphon, ... all optional. Located in an incredible environment such as the Vall d'en Bas, lots of vegetation, very green, very cool.

Barranquisme a la garrotxa

Forat Negre Canyon, Vallcebre (Berguedà). Initiation. Limestone rock canyon a lot narrow. Nice formations and very cool abseils, we will end up being some cracks of the abseil! Suitable for children from 8 - 9 years.

Barranc del Forat Negre, Vallcebre

Gravet Canyon, Rupit (Osona). Medium level Canyon. Incomparable environment. Near the spectacular Salt de Sallent (100m waterfall), we find the Torrent del Gravet, a fenced corridor that suddenly opens into a spectacular and aerial abseil of 30m. Ideal in spring. We will do several rappels. From 14 years approximately.

Barranc del Gravet a Rupit

With less than 2 hours we find anothers canyons:

Estrets de Sant Aniol Canyon, Sadernes (Garrotxa). Nice initiation canyon where we will enjoy the jumps as we have jumps up to 8m (always optional) and abseiling. Crystal clear waters and very well formed rock formations, it is a canyon similar to the style of canyons that exists in the Sierra de Guara in Huesca. Suitable for children from 7 years.

Freser Inferior Canyon, Queralbs (Ripollès). Initiation canyon. High mountain environment. Granite walls and blocks in cool water and with a very beautiful color. Jumps and abseils. Suitable for children from 8 years.

Barranc Freser Inferior

Núria Inferior Canyon, Queralbs (Ripollès). Medium level canyon where in an incomparable High Mountain environment such as the Vall de Núria area, we will enjoy a canyon with abseils of up to 20m and several jumps and slides up to 7m (always optional). Recommended for children from 14 years.

barranc del nuria

Estrets del Freser Canyon, Queralbs (Ripollès). Medium level Canyon. It is a canyon where we will enjoy its slides, jumps and abseils in a very beautiful and quiet high mountain environment located within the Natural Park of the Heads of the Ter Freser. Recommended for children from 12 years.

barranquisme queralbs freser

Anelles Canyon, Ceret (France, just past Figueres). Beautiful canyon that will not leave us indifferent! Close to the Coast, it is a real mountain canyon! It starts with a spectacular 28m abseil and then, we will find several abseils, jumps and slides up to 7m (optional).  Medium level. Recommended for children from 12 years.

Barranc de les Anelles a Ceret

Núria Integral Canyon, Queralbs (Ripollès). The canyon of the Catalan Pyrenees par excellence! Advanced level, will require that we have done a few canyons before entering it and is that, its launcher slides up to 15m will make us take adrenaline to dojo! 12m heart attack jumps. That if, icy waters that will do us not love slide by slide! Ideal in summer, when it is very hot. From 16 years and necessary experienced.

Barranc del Núria - Guies Ama Dablam

Sant Aniol Canyon, Sadernes (Garrotxa). One of the most beautiful and complete canyons in Catalonia. 30 and 40m abseils, 7m jumps and all, surrounded by large limestone walls and turquoise waters. The Canyon located within the Area of ​​Natural Interest of Alta Garrotxa. Ideal spring and early summer. Advanced level, previous experience required. From 16 years. Also, we will need good legs, as we have 3 hours of approach, 4 hours of ravine and 2 hours of return but for those who want to enjoy more of the activity, and it becomes THE BEST CANYON we have the opportunity to do the approach and return by jeep 4x4, thus enjoying the best places of the Alta Garrotxa, that rough and bad footprint where a few years ago so many people lived and that today we find, mostly, abandoned. A land of smugglers, coal miners, shepherds and ranchers, among others, and roads of exile. A land that collects many stories that when you hear them, will not leave you indifferent, the Alta Garrotxa.

Barranc de Sant Aniol - Guies Ama Dablam

Canals or de les Comelles Canyon, Sadernes (Garrotxa). On a personal level, our favorite canyon is that, taking it with water is difficult, there must be continuous periods of rain (spring), but when it is achieved and the day is sunny, we will enjoy one of the canyons with the most crystalline waters there are. Paradise in the middle of mountains and oak forests. Abseils and many jumps, more than his older brother Sant Aniol. Similar features and also option of Jeep 4x4, as the approach and return are the same length as those of Sant Aniol. An essential also of advanced level.

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