Activities with kids in la Garrotxa and Ripollès

Activities with children in La Garrotxa and Ripollès, two very familiar counties and with several possibilities for young and old to enjoy what the environment has to offer!


In la Garrotxa we have several possibilities to enjoy different activities with children:

  • Canyoning in the Vall d'en Bas: ideal for summer! Children from 7 years. We will learn to rappelling with a beautiful 7m abseil, we will do several jumps and slides of up to 4m (optional) and a siphon (also optional). Young and old will enjoy the most refreshing and spend a morning or an afternoon of the most fun in the middle of an explosion of nature.

    barranc del gurn
  • Canyoning in the Estrets of Sant Aniol: ideal for spring. Children from 7 years. 7m abseil and several jumps up to 7m (optional !!). For everyone! Very beautiful formations and a brutal turquoise water color!

    barranc estrets sant aniol
  • Orienteering race at the Hostalets d'en Bas: ideal all year round and from 6 to 7 years old, we will enjoy an orienteering circuit in the beautiful and picturesque village of Hostalets d'en Bas! The circuit will be through an area with rivers, springs and lots of vegetation, a very beautiful area of our beloved Valley. By teams or with a single team, you will have to find the different landmarks hidden in the territory with the help of a map and compass with a certain time. Highly recommended!

    cursa d'orientació
  • Hiking in the Volcanoes: discover the volcanoes of la Garrotxa with the help of mountain guides with the title of the Good Connoisseur of La Garrotxa!

    volcans olot
  • Hiking in Alta Garrotxa: discover the stories hidden in the Area of Natural Interest of Alta Garrotxa, discover its most spectacular caves!

    alta garrotxa cova bisbe
  • Rock climbing experience in Garrotxa: learn how to climb the walls of Alta Garrotxa, in the area of Sadernes in Sant Aniol, where apart from enjoying magnificent views and if it's hot, a swim in the river , we will enjoy the experience of climbing the beautiful walls that it offers us.
rock climbing sadernes


In Ripollès, in the Pyrenees region, we have several activities to enjoy with children:

  • Canyoning in the Freser Valley: ideal for summer !! Initiation canyoning from 7 years in a high mountain environment! small abseil of 3m, several jumps up to 4m (optional).

    barranc freser inferior
  • Via Ferrata Roca de la Creu: all year round, less recommended in summer, as it will be very hot. Best time: autumn, winter and spring. Children from 7 years old! Via Ferrata of initiation that begins with a vertical part and then, loses verticality. We will find several bridges: Nepali, Tibetan. A good via ferrata to start! Beautiful views of the Vall de Ribes and the Taga.

    via ferrada roca creu
  • Climbing with children: they learn rock climb by climbing the walls offered by the Ripollès region. Different climbing areas throughout Ripollès. Ideal for those boys and girls who want to climb everywhere!
rock climbing with children in ripollès
  • Snowshoeing: snowshoeing route around the Vallter ski resort !! Black pine forests, steep mountains, ... a very beautiful environment! From 7 years.

    raquetes de neu amb nens
  • Igloo construction: ideal activity for children from 6/7 years. We will travel with snowshoes to a good area where together, we will build an igloo !!!! A great refuge in case of bad weather. Big and small we will learn a lot!

    raquetes de neu i construcció iglús
  • Hiking: excursions with children all over the Eastern Pyrenees !!! Núria and Vallter area. Also, other areas of Ripollès. Routes of different styles from 7 years!

    excursions amb nens ripollès

Ask for information and discover the activities with children in la Garrotxa and Ripollès !!! As well as in other counties: Osona, Berguedà, ...

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