Corporate Groups Activities

Activities for corporate groups, group cohesion, Team Building. At Guies Ama Dablam we organize and carry out activities for company groups perfect for group cohesion and teamwork. Team Building activities in the middle of nature to help strengthen teams living unique experiences. One of the activities most requested by corporate groups is the orienteering races, ideal for heterogeneous corporate groups where it is necessary to work as a team in different groups. Other highlight activities for more adventurous corporate groups are canyoning, water trekking, via ferrata, rock climbing,... as well as other quieter activities such as snowshoeing and hiking.

The common point in all our company activities is nature and is that you will live unique experiences surrounded by nature. We have activities for all levels. Highly recommended Team Building activities to get out of the comfort zone and enjoy unique experiences with your company group, strengthening group cohesion by getting out of the comfort zone. Half-day or one-day activities, adaptable to the time available to carry out the activity.

Corporate groups activities

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